Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Day 6: Chilling in Chesterfield

Route: Bed to the kitchen and back
Mileage: 0

Today we took the day off from riding.  We contemplated breaking up our mileage to ride shorter distances, but felt a day off could do us some good.  We had thought we'd have time in the evenings to work, but that has yet to happen.  People continually ask us "so, you guys are 31--do you have jobs?" Yes.  We have jobs, they are flexible and/or accommodating to us taking this trip, but it doesn't really mean we are on vacation.  We both have a ton of work today.  Keegan got some good work done today.  I mostly worked on the trip and have been trying to map out our next legs, find places to stay, etc.  It's a surprising amount of work.  I still need to finish my slides for the JA Conference (sorry Katie!!!).  Maybe tomorrow.  We are staying at a random B&B out in the middle of nowhere Sunbury, NC.  We needed somewhere and it was really one of the only places that came up so we took it.  Doesn't even look like there are any restaurants close enough for someone without a car to reasonably go to, so we need to remember to pick up food on our way in.  I still haven't found a place in Greenville. I thought as it was a more "major" town we might have some luck, but I'll need to book that tomorrow for the following night.  I booked a place in Southport as we didn't have anything in the Wilmington area.  Then the last piece to our puzzle is in GA, somewhere in the Darien area.  We have some really long days towards the end, so trying to conserve mileage.  We have 115 miles between Myrtle Beach and North Charleston.  110 between North Charleston and Hilton Head and likely 100 between Hilton Head and Darien, GA.  So that stretch is going to be rough.  We have another day off schedule between now and then, and we can't figure out where it makes the most sense.  We may even choose to find a place between Myrtle Beach and North Charleston because that will be our longest haul.

So at any rate--that's what I've been doing all day.  Otherwise we've totally just been raiding Lydia's kitchen and stocking up on calories.  We worked from the porch for awhile.  Then we came inside and that's when a family of deer came.  There were even two baby/teenager fawns!  Look at all their spots!

It was about 7pm when Lydia and family were out at the pool and going to have pizza (they were totally gracious and invited us along, but we hung back) that my mother's cousin, Anne, messaged me!  With my day off I was finally going through old messages and I saw one from Anne, who I knew lived in NC.  In my head, I thought she lived much farther west, but I was wrong!!  She lives just down the street from where we were staying!  I messaged her midday and couldn't believe it.  She had just gotten home from a long day of working outside at a food bank and immediately messaged me when she saw my message and offered to take us to dinner!  She is just the sweetest!  So she came and picked us up and brought us to an amazing BBQ place.  I had fried catfish and pecan pie!  Feeling southern and satiated!  It was delicious but I am so full I am almost angry at the place for making me feel so full! :) It was so great to see her, I haven't seen her in probably 5-6 years.  She checked out our route out of town and gave us the heads up for what to watch out for.

So that's pretty much how the day went!  We did laundry since we will be on our own for a few days and don't know where we will be staying so we wanted to start fresh!  So back on the saddles we go tomorrow!  We want to start early since it is going to be 95 and humid tomorrow.  Yuck.  I also have a conference call at 7pm so I need to try to get in before then! Wish us luck in the heat!

And as always, if you are able to donate, it is very much appreciated!  We are almost halfway to our goal of $14,000!!  Every bit helps!

Much love!

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